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Khaleeji Mehandi Designs: Typical and Most Beautiful One

India is a beautiful bunch of various customs and rituals. Despite the variation is customs and rituals one thing is remains same. This particular custom or tradition is none other than mahendi ceremony. More than 500 years ago, this trend has started and become an important part of Indian ceremonies. The ceremony is performed one day before the wedding day.

Latest Henna Patterns and Designs

Presently, there are several styles and patterns are crawling in the market. In all designs, Arabic henna mehndi designs and Khaleeji henna mehndi for hands art are the latest and popular among all. These patterns are very beautiful and popular due to their eye-catchy looks and attractive appearance. These are the best designs.
- Arabic Designs 

Arabic style mehndi has very different pattern than others. In this pattern, we make beautiful big flowery patterns on the hands. The beautiful big patterns fill with different colors and shades.
- Khaleeji Designs

Khaleeji mahendi is an upgraded pattern of Arabic mehandi. This is latest and newest fashion becomes among the Indian women. The patterns are very popular for hands during the occasions like wedding, party, Eid and Diwali.

Beautiful & Easy Henna Patterns

Above mentioned patterns are little hard to make. But there are many beautiful and easy henna mehandi designs are available now. These henna mehandi designs are for hands and feet. These easy designs can even make by the non-professionals.

Henna mehandi of 2017 are available on both online and in books. Rashmi Rajput is highly qualified in making henna mahendi from Indian designs in Rajkot-Gujarat. She and her team is expert in making all styles including the most typical one Arabic and khaleeji styles. She is also expert in making floral prints as well.

Henna mehandi designs as well as special kids mehandi designs are now more sophisticated and become more moderns. The beauties of mahendi patterns are popular not only in India but they are also popular among the foreigners.

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